Head To Stiles Switch? It Would Be Really Cool If You Did!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.17.46 AM.png

Stopped by Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew on North Lamar in Austin, Texas to give their Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ a try this evening.

I must say they are on better than “on par” with the other TM Top 50 Joints I’ve tried so far. Stand-out, exceptional ‘cue served by happy, kind people who are extremely good at their jobs.

The guys who who told me the available meats, sliced, and plated them were also awesome enough to ask me if I wanted bread, pickles, and onions (the ask is nice, as I always feel bad wasting unwanted bread).

The cashier had a sweet smile and was slightly psychic. She guessed I was gonna grab a Topo Chico and rang it up before I made it to the cooler. A little game she plays, she said. True or just banter, I could tell she enjoyed her job. That’s nice. Said she’s been there 4 years.

As far as the BBQ, I got the 3 meat plate with turkey, pork ribs, and chopped BBQ with beans and spicy Cajun slaw for sides. It was A LOT of food and all heavenly good. The pitmaster, Lance Kirkpatrick, started the joint a little over 5 years ago after learning the craft at Louie Mueller’s in Taylor.

The place has plenty of room inside and out on the patio. Ambience is authentic Texas BBQ Joint.

The space it occupies, Violet Crown Center, is nearly 60 years old and was Austin’s first shopping center. Built by a Dr. Koenig, the guy they named the lane after.

It is also a prominent location in the filming the famous coming of age film Dazed and Confused. Get to Stiles Switch… It will be REALLY COOL if you did!


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